Ultra HD 600 MHz 1:2 Splitter/Scaler Gefen EXT-UHD600A-12-DS


Split and scale HDMI 2.0 w/ HDR, and send to two displays and an outboard audio amplifier.

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The Gefen EXT-UHD600A-12-DS is a compact and powerful solution for splitting full-bandwidth HDMI 2.0 audio/video with HDR for use with 4K 600 MHz and 1080p Full HD displays simultaneously, thanks to its two configurable scalers. It supports 18.2 Gbps of data throughput and 600 MHz TMDS Clock frequency, the highest specified under the HDMI 2.0 standard. The built-in TOSLINK® optical digital and analog L/R audio de-embedder and a powerful and versatile EDID Detective facilitate the use of outboard audio amplifiers and guarantee compatibility with a broad range of sources and displays.

This product accommodates resolutions up to 4K Cinema-DCI (4096 x 2160 to 60 Hz 4:4:4) and 4K Ultra HD (3860 x 2160 to 60 Hz, 4:4:4). High Dynamic Range (HDR-10 and Dolby Vision™) capability is also built in. HDR delivers greater contrast between light and dark areas of a video image, resulting in tremendous improvement in picture quality and color depth. HDCP 2.2 and the legacy HDCP 1.4 are both supported. The EXT-UHD600A-12-DS also supports 1080p Full HD, WUXGA (1920 x 1200 to 60 Hz), 3DTV, and 12-bit Deep Color (up to 1080p resolution). Highest performance multichannel digital audio including 7.1 channels of LPCM and HBR (High Bit Rate) digital audio formats, such as Dolby Atmos®, Dolby® TrueHD, DTS:X™, and DTS-HD Master Audio™ are passed through to both HDMI outputs.

The EXT-UHD600A-12-DS features analog and digital audio outputs that break out the audio stream from the HDMI signal, allowing the de-embedded audio content to be sent to external amplifiers and music distribution systems for added impact in bars, restaurants, clubs, venues, and corporate offices.

Thanks to independent scalers built into each of its two HDMI outputs, one output can downscale a 4K 600 MHz signal to 1080p Full HD, while the other can upscale an HD signal to 4K Ultra HD 600 MHz, maximizing compatibility in a mixed resolution display system.

The Gefen 1:2 Scaler’s small, low profile enclosure can be securely surface-mounted and conveniently hidden away from sight. Gefen locking HDMI connectors ensure secure connections for long term reliability.

Gefen EXT-UHD600A-12-DS Features at a Glance:

  • Supports 18.2 Gbps bandwidth and 600 MHz TMDS clock
  • Splits a 4K 600 MHz source to two displays, 4K 600 MHz or 1080p
  • Maximum Video Resolutions/Timing:
    • Pass-through
      • 4096 x 2160 (Cinema-DCI) up to 60 Hz, up to 4:4:4, 8-bit
      • 3860 x 2160 (4K Ultra HD with HDR) up to 60 Hz, up to 4:4:4, 8-bit
      • 1080p up to 60 Hz, up to 4:4:4, up to 12-bit
      • 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) up to 60 Hz
    • Scalers operational:
      • 3860 x 2160 up to 60 Hz, up to 4:4:4, 8-bit
      • 1080p up to 60 Hz, up to 4:4:4, 8-bit
  • Supported Audio formats:
    • HDMI pass-thru: Up to 8 channels of HBR, Bitstream, & LPCM
    • Analog Out: 2 ch (from PCM)
    • Digital Out: 2 ch PCM & up to 5.1 ch Bitstream
  • HDMI Features Supported:
    • HDMI 2.0 (full bandwidth to 18.2 Gbps/600 MHz)
    • HDR-10 (High Dynamic Range) 10-bit color at 4K 60 Hz 4:2:0 and 4K 24 Hz 4:4:4
    • Dolby Vision™ HDR
    • HDCP 2.2 and 1.4
    • 12-bit Deep Color (at 1080p)
    • Uncompressed LPCM digital audio (up to 7.1 channels) pass-through
    • HBR (High Bit Rate) digital audio (up to 7.1 channels), including Dolby Atmos®, Dolby® TrueHD, DTS:X™, and DTS-HD Master Audio™, pass-through
    • 3DTV pass-through
    • CEC pass-through
    • Lip Sync pass-through
  • Supports the use of DVI sources and DVI displays up to 1080p Full HD and WUXGA (1920×1200), with Gefen CAB-DVI2HDMI-LCK DVI-to-HDMI cables (not included)
  • Two independent scalers allow upscaling from 1080p to 4K on one of the outputs and downscaling from 4K to 1080p on the other
  • Built-in Audio-De-Embedder breaks out digital and analog audio from the HDMI signal for use with outboard amplifiers or added impact
  • Built-in Full-Featured 4K 600 MHz Advanced EDID Detective with Gefen Syner-G™ interface
  • Field-updatable firmware via Gefen Syner-G™
  • Locking power connector
  • Surface mountable
  • Plug & Play – no configuration or set-up required for most applications
  • Compact enclosure is easy to install and can be hidden away

* Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Gefen EXT-UHD600-12-DS Datasheet

Gefen del EXT-UHD600-12-DS Manual